About Kgosi Malope II Marathon

Kgosi Malope II Marathon is the brainchild of Stilistics Sportainment. Realizing that Kanye (one of the biggest and oldest villages in Botswana) does not have an annual big sporting event, we decided to come up with an event that Batswana, especially those in GaNgwaketse area can look up to on an annual basis.

We believe that other than encouraging people to participate in healthy lifestyles events/activities, the Marathon will provide a positive, rewarding way to generate local business, boost the local economy, promote local tourism for the scenic Kanye Village and shine a regional and national spotlight on the host village.

About Kanye

Located 83 kilometres (52 mi) south-west of the capital, Gaborone and the eighth largest village in Botswana, Kanye is the administrative centre of the Southern District, with a population of 45,200. It is the traditional capital of the Ngwaketse tribe, who first settled in the area in the 1790s.

Kgosi Malope II is the head of Ngwaketse and has been very active in promoting sports and healthy lifestyle in Kanye. He has spearheaded the recent Kgosi Malope Cycling Challenge 2020 and many other sporting and cultural activities.

Who is Stilistics Sportainment

Stilistics Sportainment

Stilistics Sportainment is a sports consultancy company with the main objective of providing solutions for sport and entertainment entities. The company also offers recreation and fitness solutions.

Our mission

To provide our clients, from athletes to sports federations, with excellent service which will lead them to achieve best sporting results.

Our vision

To be the premier sports consultancy in Africa by providing quality sports solutions.

Our values

Integrity, Honesty, Respect, Passion, Customer focused and Sportsmanship

The Marathon

Will be held in Kanye on 17th September 2022
To be a yearly marathon
What does the logo depicts? Kanye Village

5km Route

Time Start: 06h15
Cut-off: 07h45
Race Type: Road
Minimum age: 14yrs

10km Route

Time Start: 06h15
Cut-off: 09h15
Race Type: Road
Minimum age: 16yrs

21.1 km Route

Time Start: 06h15
Cut-off: 10h45
Race Type: Road
Minimum age: 16yrs

42.2 km Route

Time Start: 06h15
Cut-off: 12h45
Race Type: Road
Minimum age: 18yrs


Registration has long been opened since March and we using Webtickets to sell marathon tickets
Webtickets will also be selling at their outlets throughout the country selected Spar outlets all throughout the country as well as at Riverwalk- Webtickets Kiosk and Maitisong at Maruapula School.
Alternatively for those who are always cautious at the purchasing online, they can deposit they can deposit their participation into our account (AC#: 63010389335, FNB, Gaborone, Industrial Branch) and write in the reference space “marathon – 10km”
Ticket Information

There will be an aerobics activity for those who will not be able to participating in running. This activity will be free and open for all ages.


We are glad that today we have 4 sponsors who will partner with us in this marathon

Aims & Objectives of the Marathon

  • To promote active lifestyles which is important in addressing many health issues.
  • Revitalise and raise the profile of Kanye Village.
  • Use the marathon as a platform to help as many people, organisations and businesses as possible.
  • To promote the sports and sport events in Botswana and in Africa
  • Use sport as a key driver of Vision 2036 (please refer to Vision 2036 document)


  • Boost tourism to Kanye
  • Boost the local economy
  • The marathon will not only bring the village together, it will also allow us to showcase our accommodation facilities, restaurants, entertainment, culture like never before.
  • Positive health effects

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